Frequently Asked Questions

Our new CFP process requires registration so you can more easily submit your talk proposal, add multiple submissions and speakers, and upload headshots. Plus, you now can edit any open proposals.

No. We no longer accept submissions by email. Please submit using the process outlined on

Only one account is required in the case you have multiple presenters. You can add extra speakers to each submission using the + button under Speaker Information on the right-hand side of the submission page.

Please note we require BIOs and headshots for each speaker.

Yes. Please register and verify your email as outlined on and then when submitting the talk, simply add the speaker’s details for each session in the Speaker Information section on the right-hand side. Please remember to include the speaker BIO and ensure you upload their headshot.

Yes! After you’ve registered and are signed in, you can submit multiple talks by simply clicking on the Submit a new paper for consideration button for each new talk, including for multiple and different speakers.

No. We only allow images to be attached, such as headshots. If you want to provide more attachments, please include download links in the body of the submission.

Information is retained and used only to facilitate the CFP process. Once the CFP process is completed, the information is removed from the system.

No. Information gathered during the CFP process is not used for general marketing purposes and is only retained if you are selected as a conference speaker for use in facilitating your appearance at the conference.

You can only select one target track to help us facilitate our CFP process, but it is possible that we will change the track based on the information you provide. Please select the track based on the content and audience your submission aligns to most. For example:

  • Technical – for a technical audience
  • Management – for a management / operations focused audience
  • Tools – Open source tools / tool collections
  • SecFun – foundational security topics
  • Keynote – Main-stage presentation for all attendees